I work with both my own scripts and others´ scripts. I talk with the scriptwriter and to the producer. I value the potential of the idea and seek the best way to tell the story in images and sounds, depending on the budget. I establish a close relationship with all team members throughout preproduction, shooting and postproduction stages.

I can operate Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro non-linear editing systems. I perform visual effects and digital compositing work in Adobe After Effects and NukeX. I also use in a complementary way Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for image processing, and Maxon Cinema 4D for infographics and other 3D elements.


Vector logo design for print, video or web animations. DVD authoring with additional contents: subtitles, scene selection, additional images. Video encoding for proper online viewing or for mobile devices.


Inception´s Ending

I usually don´t like open endings. Many people think they are more “real”, or considered for a clever kind of moviegoer. To me it is not a matter of realism, [...]

Audiovisual Services

Find out in 40 seconds my catalog of audiovisual services, comprehensively covering the stages of pre-production, production, post-production and multimedia.   I study the ideas and proposals of customers until [...]


Sh¡t tells the story of a soldier with really bad luck. After being entrenched so long, he decides to change his situation.   This microfilm presents a black humor little [...]